Globalisierung und Genua

From Globalization and Genoa to Crisis and Global Uprisings

23.09.2014 20:00
Laidak, Boddinstr. 43, Berlin Neukölln

A Discussion on the Status-Quo of the Radical/Autonomous Left with

Sandro Mezzadra and Montserrat Galcerán Huguet


In 2012 commentators of Blockupy Frankfurt wrote that the mobilisation to occupy the European financial capital and block the European Central Bank marked a “relaunching of European networks” and a “reopening of the movement”. Needless to say this “re” moment was stated with respect to the most recent transnational moment of movements in Europe: the anti-or alterglobalization movement, solidified in its European variety in our memory as the instant of its climax or eclipse, the 2001 mobilisation to Genua.

Our aim with this discussion is to take a step back and consider, in a broader picture, what we have and have not achieved since the turn of the millenium. We hope to find a new perspective from which to consider our current situation: Where were we then? Where were we now? What insights from the antiglobalisation movement have informed our current practices, what have we perhaps forgotten? And importantly: How has the situation, the social context, changed between then and now?

A few preliminary theses: our current situation is in many ways characterised by a deepening of the global transformations called out by the antiglobalisation movement: the changing meaning of sovereignty, the changing role and capacity of the nation-state (and shift of whainstitutions might be considered the state), new global patterns and practices of migration, the growing hegemony of financial capital in accumulation and the cultural transformations of the financialization of social life, precarization and neoliberalization.

Do we know more today about what these transformations entail for emancipatory politics? What is anticapitalist struggle today and who is struggling?

We invite everybody to join in the discussion.The discussion will

take place in English and we will collectively organize translation as


Sandro Mezzadra is part of the militant research collective EuroNomade and has written books and dozens of articles about borders, labor, migration and social movements in Europe and teaches Political Theory at the University of Bologna. His newest book (with Brett Neilson): Border as Method, or "The Multiplication of Labor"

Montserrat Galcerán Huguet is a militant researcher and Marxist feminist philosopher in Madrid who has been active in the international militant research collective EduFactory during the student movements of the 2000s and has published several books and dozens of articles about social movements, labor and feminism, precarity, education politics, and subjectivity, as well as philosophical texts, including, for example, on the formation of Marxism in Germany.

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