Solidarität mit den griechischen Protesten gegen Merkel

We know you don’t want her. We don’t want her either!

On the occasion of chancellor Merkel’s visit to Greece we express our solidarity with and our admiration for the struggle of the Greek people: We stand behind you!

Pretending to support Greece, Merkel is pushing forward devastating neoliberal politics all around Europe. We deeply oppose the German austerity policy that is destroying Greece and the livelihood of the Greek population, and we welcome the increasing number of people that carry their rage to the streets.

Your courage gives us hope and even more reasons to criticize and to fight the German government and the German business.

The complete ban on protests and assemblies in the Athens city center is a political move that disgusts us – social rights have been taken away from the Greek people, and now in the interest of Merkel’s visit, the few remaining rights of expression are being denied. Today’s massive police presence shows us once again that the Troika-regime does not and has never cared about people’s needs, its sole objective is to protect capitalist power. Neither austerity policies nor repression can stop the struggle of people moved by the idea of a better life without capitalism. Our solidarity doesn’t know national borders, solidarity is a weapon! We have to use it!

… another world – another europe is possibile!

interventionistische linke (il) 9.10.12

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27.09.2012 22:04 Bundesweit
Solidarität mit den Kämpfen in Griechenland und Spanien

We shall overcome - Venceremos - Wir werden siegen


Angesichts der Aktivitäten am 25. und 26. September in Madrid (Umzingelung des Parlaments und Streik) und am 26. September in ganz Griechenland (Streiks und Demonstrationen) erklären wir +++ castellano +++ Ante las actividades del 25/26 de septiembre en Madrid (Rodea elcongreso y huelga) y del 26 en grecia (huelga general y manifestaciones) declaramos +++ english +++ Facing the activities on September 25th & 26th in Madrid (encirclement of parliament and strike) and on September 26th in the whole of Greece (strikes and demonstrations) we declare:


Soziale Kämpfe















Hamburg; Bundesweit

Frankfurt / bundesweit